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Breathtaking Rides October 6, 2006

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It was mid-September and it’s still hot here in the Gorge! Mid-80s and Gregg and Tonia decided to go for a dusty mountain bike ride along the eastern ridge of the Hood River Valley, known as “Surveyor’s Ridge.” That’s all great — just leave me here at the house — AGAIN! Apparently they don’t think I can handle mountain bike rides anymore after I nearly collapsed after racing downhill for about 10 miles. So what if I passed out and could hardly walk the next day. I can do it again. Duh! I’m a dog.

Well, ok… I’m not giving you the whole story. I went off to Fido’s Fun Farm (it’s really Fido’s Fat Farm) about 6 months ago and chased the horses and cats around 20 acres for 2 weeks. What a party that was. I think I’m still recovering from that. I left with a bum back leg and since have not been allowed to go for long rides with mom and dad.

This is Mt. Hood to the south, which of course was under the highest sun of the day so you really can’t see it that well. But you get the gist. It’s pretty friggin’ cool. The Hood River Valley to the north rolls for miles with ripening orchards of apples, pears, and just harvested grape vines. In this pic, they’re above all of it.

The Two of Them

Apparently this was not the best ride by any means, due to the rocks and roots along the entire path. But I think T & G just told me that to make me feel like I didn’t miss out on anything. They said the views were nice, which they know I don’t care about because I just like chasing squirrels and varmints.

We are spoiled with some of the Gorge’s best mountain biking right outside our backdoor in White Salmon. That’s in Washington. Just 30 miles as the crow flies from Mt. Hood. But it’s all good — you can come over to Oregon and look across the Columbia River to Mt. Adams in Washington, and see another fabulous volcano in the Cascade Volcanic Range. Gregg’s bike needs a fixin, thankfully! So I’m gonna get some love!


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