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Don’t say the “C” word October 6, 2006

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My brother is 18 and got diagnosed with it last Spring. It kills half a million people each year, but it‘s not going to kill Scott because he is strong. Really. He’s strong, both in the head and in his boots. Strong and stubborn that Scott. And because he’s so stubborn, this beast of a disease is going to keep finding walls with Scott. It is going to try and annoy Scott for awhile and then give up. It will leave angrily, looking for its next victim. But it won’t find it in Scott. Being stubborn is saving his life. Who woulda thunk. 

 I can’t say what it is because Scott doesn’t like to say it. He says people treat him like he has it when they say it, and he hates that. I can totally respect that. Here’s all of us at the Leukemia Walk up in Olympia. Nancy’s friends in the WA Ecology Department put it on — what an amazing show of support! These people were so kind and giving — and they just work with Nancy! Scott is the tall one in front to the right of my Dad, in the gray sweatshirt. Nancy is kneeling between them and my grandma is in front in the cute little blue jogging outfit. She doesn’t job much, but she walks more than anyone I know! I’m in the lime green vest and the rest of the crew are friends from Ecology Dept. and Olympia.

Scott killing it with many supporters


4 Responses to “Don’t say the “C” word”

  1. Nancy Farman Says:

    Pretty cool Tonia — I just hope Scott will look at it!

  2. Caro Says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so inpedsinsable.

  3. (4:12pm) Panthers asking price for Vokoun was "significantly high" and that scared a couple clubs. Panthers had offers for others, too… Rangers and Oilers were discussing a large deal surrounding Tom Gilbert. Looks like it fell again… im kinda glad it fell through. Dubinksy wouldve played his last game as a Ranger.

  4. sxb suashan ayaa waxey tahay aniga iyo xaskeyga xaska waxan ku soo gursaday africka kabacdi dacwada marki aan u xareeyay diideen dadka aan wax isku dhalin in la keeno kabacdi waan ku noqday wadanki africka markas kadib uur ayee i qatay mahada rabi ayaa isla leh marka arintas bal i weydiin hadeey i keenayaan xaska mase waxey sugayaan ineey dhasho miya jawaab isoo gudbi?????????U codee: 0  0

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