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Harvest Moon October 7, 2006

Filed under: Daily Life,Friends — elska @ 4:38 pm

Tonight is the Harvest Moon. I never knew what a Harvest Moon really was until I moved to Orchard and Vineyard country. A harvest moon happens only in Autumn and only once a year. It gets its name because during this time of the year, the moon rises about the exact time of sunset for three days, allowing farmers extra light to harvest their crops before winter sets in. With advanced farming techniques and electric lights, the Harvest Moon is not as important anymore, but nonetheless it’s worth watching. I watched the Harvest Moon last night come over the eastern hills of the Gorge and it was pretty amazing.

Wind River Cellars — one of my favorite clients and really quality, fun people — are having their Harvest Moon celebration tonight. I highly recommend making the trek up their dark, windy, gravel, forest road to the rolling vineyard above Husum for “live music gourmet food, dancing midgets and wine.” You’ll get to meet Joel and Kris, who are entertaining to say the least, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by Mini, their pet pig (although it looks more like a hog). And if you can’t make it there tonight, at least go check out Joel’s Blog, where he will have you rolling on the floor in laughter from his twisted humor and daily wine visitor diatribe.

The Winemaker hard at work Mark Nielssen’s Painting of WRC


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