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The Flood of ’06! November 10, 2006

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you probably are aware the Pacific Northwest has been in a severe flood state since rains and warm temperatures have taken over the region since about last Friday. Take a look at some of these pictures, taken from some friends off of Highway 35, by Mt. Hood, just 30 miles south of our house.

Why did the salmon cross the road?

Highway 35 on the way to Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows ski areas. This is the road!!

Boulders over Hwy 35

 The White River Bridge completely take over by the slide! This bridge usually has about a 20 foot clearance below it.

White River Bridge

This is the Hood River, which may look like any other river, but it normally runs like a creek this high up the river.