My Life as Elska the Dog

The adventures of Elska the Dog, and Tonia and Gregg

About Me, Elska the dog October 6, 2006

I’m a german shepard/black lab/australian shepard/rottweiller mix, more commonly known as a mutt. I live with Tonia Farman and Gregg Gnecco, my mom and dad, who give me way more love than I deserve. After all, I just lay around all day and do nothing. Well, sometimes I go fetch sticks and balls, but for the most part, I just like to chill. Dishes and laundry really are not my thing, nor are cleaning bathrooms or vaccuming. I run, poo, chew on some sticks, chase squirrels, and bark at strangers. That’s my gig.


3 Responses to “About Me, Elska the dog”

  1. Don Gnecco Says:

    Dear Elska,

    I just LOVE your new blog! You are such a talented dog!



  2. Nancy Farman Says:

    Well hi there my very precious granddaughter — is your mother still keeping the treats from you…you need to come to Oly so Grandma can fatten you up! Miss you girlie!

  3. dan Says:

    Hi – I’m applying for a position at Oregon State and am writing a proposal to work on the 2006 debris flows. I saw a great photo of yours of the White River Bridge covered in boulders and was wondering if I could use it in the proposal. At this point, the only people seeing this would be the hiring committee, so it wouldn’t be published anywhere (I am a photographer as well as a geoscientist, so I know not to use the image without permission!). Please email me at dshugar (at)
    Cheers, Dan

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