My Life as Elska the Dog

The adventures of Elska the Dog, and Tonia and Gregg

My life as a dog in White Salmon October 6, 2006

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Hi, my name is Elska. That’s me right there in that picture below. I belong to Tonia and Gregg. You’ll see more pictures of them soon, and hear from them most of the time, but I’m kicking off this story.

Me at home in the snow and on a hike

I wanted to create this blog because our families are so far away and removed from our lives…we really want you to see and understand why we are here in this beautiful place. I was running around the suburbs of Olympia, Washington, running the highways from house to house, never comfortable with the ‘burbs lifestyle. I saw friends locked up in kennels all day and chained up in backyards with nothing but some gravel and a bowl of water. Some of my friends had never been off-leash!! They were taken to these fenced-in dirt patches, called “dog parks”, where hundreds of dogs would run around and throw attitude all day. Screw dat! I was outta there!

I’ll spare you all the details in between, but basically Tonia came and rescued me from the crappy life in concrete, chain-linked kennels. Now I live in the country, off-leash, off-chain, and loving life. I pretty much rule my ‘hood here — kids and other dogs shiver as they pass, and the gas man is required to give me treats before getting near my house. I get fed twice a day, get to hang out on the down comforter every night, and get daily swims (with big sticks!)

Elska Bloggin’

For our friends in far away places such as Maine, Moscow (Russia!), Sun Valley, North Carolina, Perth Australia, Salt Lake City Utah, Seattle, Maui, Toronto, Whistler, London, Cozumel Mexico, San Francisco, Maryland, Spokane, Texas, and Virginia — some of you know my life. Many of you have chosen your current destinations for the same reason I have — lifestyle, love of the outdoors, appreciating every moment, and really good bones. So, though you may have never been here to White Salmon, in the Columbia River Gorge national scenic area, nestled between Oregon and Washington States, you know. You live it too. Love, sleep, run, eat, love, sleep, run ,eat…..